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Aesthetically pleasing trial offer now available for new patients at Kiser Orthodontics:

Aesthetic concerns with traditional metal braces can keep people from obtaining the healthy, gorgeous smile they deserve. Because of this, Dr. Kiser is offering InVu Aesthetic Brackets ( as an option for orthodontic teatment (this trial offer is subject to change or stop without notice).

During this trial, Dr. Kiser's patients will choose either metal or ceramic brackets for the upper 6 front teeth. Ceramic braces blend in with your teeth and lessen the visibility of braces. These bracets are an excellent option for teens and adults who are self-conscious about how their braces will look. InVu is the most beautiful ceramic bracket available and performs on a level equal to metal. Brackets are small, smooth, and comfortable to wear. With InVu, you look great during and after treatment. So while you're straightening your teeth, only your confidence shows. For more information on developing your smiles potential, call today for a free consultation.



Dr.Kiser sponsors an annual $1000 college scholarship to help students who either cannot afford the cost of education, or who want to reduce their loan obligation. Scholarship opportunity is open even if your strengths have nothing to do with academics. Current high school seniors, college students, and adult learners are all welcome to apply. Recent academic activity is not required.

Scholarship packets are posted on CFNRV website (organization that manages this fund; Dr. Kiser and staff do not choose recipients) @ Applications are due February 3rd of each year and awards are announced in May. For more information, contact CFNRV via website or call 540-381-8999. We wish you all the luck as you pursue your scholastic endeavors.